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Kissing Jessica Jones

Dec 29, 2020

Trish has no chill. Sallinger becomes even more insufferable. Costa puts on a show. Jessica employs a new chauffeur. Malcolm goes agro. Jeri is up to something.


This episode contains:

  • Some CSI suits
  • A ring light
  • A recap of the Hannibal cinematic universe
  • Some bullying attorneys
  • An ill-advised memorial visitation

Dec 25, 2020

Ho ho ho! We talk over the thoroughly ridiculous Netflix original movie The Princess Switch (the original, not the sequel that just came out) starring Vanessa Hudgens and nobody else I know by name. We truly enjoy watching and making fun of this dumb movie, and think you will, too.


Be advised, there may or may not be...

Dec 15, 2020

The dynamic duo officially reunites. Sallinger indulges his hobby. Erik hosts a family reunion. Jeri and Malcolm reap what they sow. Jessica lends a hand. Trish does the same.


Content Warning: In addition to all the other triggering content on this show, this specific episode includes suicide.



Dec 8, 2020

Jessica and Erik (aka Burger Dude) hunt down some nefarious characters. Trish finally exhibits some actual superpowers (stealth is not one of them). Malcolm adds plus two to Extortion. Kith play’s Jeri like a . . . cello.


This episode contains:

  • Scuba Steve
  • A pair of BOLD pants
  • Light paper turning ASMR

Dec 1, 2020

Join us for a spleen-didly good episode.


Jessica ignores some medical advice (to the surprise of absolutely no one). Trish gets her ass handed to her, both physically and detectively. Malcolm goes back to school . . . again. Jeri is up to something.


This episode contains:

  • An in-depth discussion of ventriloquism and...