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Kissing Jessica Jones

Jul 31, 2020

Join us as we talk over the 2011 Steven Soderbergh film Haywire starring Gina Carano, Ewan McGregor, and Channing Tatum. I think it’s pretty entertaining.


Jeff’s Smile: The Sinking City video game


You would like to give us your money at (imagine Kilgrave AKA The Purple Man is saying this to...

Jul 21, 2020

Join us as we close out Season 2 (and 1) of Jessica Jones, including, but no limited to:

  • A brief filmography of the actors that played our secondary and tertiary characters
  • The best and worst parts of Seasons 1 and 2
  • A review of Brie Larson’s filmography
  • A live investigation of our Google presence
  • The Fashion MVP of...

Jul 14, 2020

Malcolm is back, and making questionable moral and coiffal (is that a word?) choices. Jessica and Alisa team up to do good. Trish takes a shot.

This episode involves:

  • A lecture on the order in which to consume a series
  • A poorly received haircut
  • Jareth, the Goblin King
  • An illegally obtained video recording

Jul 7, 2020

Trish finally takes a break. Dorothy does a real 180. Jessica has issues with follow through. Malcom is . . . somewhere?

This episode contains

  • Mouth sounds
  • A logically flawed prison escape
  • Moody’s Point
  • Patsy taking a tumble
  • A Sunday Split
  • An upper level morgue


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