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Kissing Jessica Jones

Jun 8, 2021

We follow SSR Agent Margaret “Peggy” Carter as she navigates her life in a post-war but full-sexist New York City. When an old friend from the war effort finds himself in a spot of bother, Peggy and a certain eponymous butler set off to make things right.


This episode contains:

  • A discussion on over-pronunciation
  • Some deserved bashing of Thor: The Dark World
  • A brief recap of Brie Larson’s filmography
  • A studio backlot
  • Justin Hammer
  • A broken lizard
  • A call for an award category for non-traditional acting performance
  • A bosomy evening gown
  • Commercial breaks
  • Tom Cruise
  • A typewriter telegram?
  • Miss Congeniality
  • An implosion

Be advised, there may or may not be some extraneous noises such as mouth sounds, breathing, light chair creaking, and the noise you get when you move the mic cable. You’ve been warned.


Joint Smile: Kissing Jessica Stein on Starz


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