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Kissing Jessica Jones

Nov 23, 2021

NOTE: Jeff did the editing last minute and got lazy so there’s more mouth sounds and dead air than usual. Deal with it.


Souza has a type. Peggy suffers from a plethora of paramours. Jarvis and Bernard duke it out. Wilkes gets turnt. Whitney unleashes her inner dominatrix.


This episode contains:

  • A lot of tangents from the get go
  • The gospel of Down With Love
  • Toxic masculinity
  • Grey’s Anatomy (again)
  • Some outdated but era appropriate language
  • A ceiling mirror
  • A reappearance of the “most misogynist moment”
  • A panty-raid
  • Some bad visual effects and stock sound effects
  • The Illumi-NOT-ee
  • A food waste callback
  • Sizeism
  • Stoop Kid
  • Breakfast booze

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