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Kissing Jessica Jones

Dec 21, 2021

NOTE: Jeff did the editing last minute and got lazy so there’s more mouth sounds and dead air than usual. There’s also a weird recurring hiccup. Deal with it.


Peggy and Jarvis film a cameo. Howard subscribes to first-wave wokeness. Thompson makes an appalling appearance. Wilkes takes some Listerine. Whitney pays a wiseguy to whack a woman.


This episode contains:

  • Page turning ASMR
  • A recap of The Producers
  • A movie better than the book
  • A possibly accurate discussion on music licensing
  • A code pink
  • MacGyvering
  • “Water giggles”
  • Fcdrt (this was typed when my cat walked across the keyboard)
  • The indignity of googly eyes
  • Dry heaving
  • Max Payne 3
  • A lot of coffee
  • An interesting diet

Jeff’s Smile: Cruella on Disney+

Mignonne’s Smile: Mare of Easttown on HBO(Max) (again)


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