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Kissing Jessica Jones

Jan 4, 2022

NOTE: Jeff did the editing last minute and got lazy so there’s more mouth sounds and dead air than usual. There’s also a weird recurring hiccup. Deal with it.


Souza takes a fully clothed nap. Peggy inflicts significant brain damage. Whitney meets up with an old fiend. Rose gets her moment in the sun. Calvin Chadwick does NOT work here. 


This episode contains:

  • A creepy painting
  • A couch vortex
  • An air vent the size of a hallway
  • A Chad Michael Murray moment
  • What’s all this, then? It’s pie
  • A gross man’s belt buckle
  • The world’s shortest distance between tie and belt
  • Salami? Pepperoni?
  • A HEIST!!!
  • A brass knuckle-knife
  • An odd pattern emerging…

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