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Kissing Jessica Jones

Jan 25, 2022

NOTE: Jeff did the editing last minute and got lazy so there’s more mouth sounds and dead air than usual. There’s also a weird recurring hiccup. Deal with it.


Dottie’s wiles have their limits. Peggy makes a miraculous recovery. Jason gets a foothold. Souza’s true motivation for moving cross country is revealed. Jarvis needs some ginkgo biloba.


This episode contains:

  • The effing Catalina Wine Mixer
  • A Harry Potter tangent
  • A PSA on STIs
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • A smooch
  • Bathroom logistics
  • Time (which has no meaning)
  • No throuples
  • A Hungarian feast
  • A home invasion
  • A gunshot
  • An utterly uplifting ending

Jeff’s Smile: Karen compilations on YouTube

Mignonne’s Smile: Star Wars: The Bad Batch (on Disney+)

Bonus Smile: Space Jam: A New Legacy (on HBOMax)


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