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Kissing Jessica Jones

Dec 1, 2020

Join us for a spleen-didly good episode.


Jessica ignores some medical advice (to the surprise of absolutely no one). Trish gets her ass handed to her, both physically and detectively. Malcolm goes back to school . . . again. Jeri is up to something.


This episode contains:

  • An in-depth discussion of ventriloquism and the history of it on TV
  • A liter of bourbon a day
  • Some light organ-shaming
  • A hard copy
  • A misplaced storyline
  • A discarded hot dog
  • An open marriage
  • A realization


Jeff’s Smile: The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix

Mignonne’s Smile: Watchmen on HBO Max

Bonus Smile: We Love Trash, Horny 4 Horror, The Resurr-Erection

In case you’re missing Luke: check out this video


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