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Kissing Jessica Jones

Dec 8, 2020

Jessica and Erik (aka Burger Dude) hunt down some nefarious characters. Trish finally exhibits some actual superpowers (stealth is not one of them). Malcolm adds plus two to Extortion. Kith play’s Jeri like a . . . cello.


This episode contains:

  • Scuba Steve
  • A pair of BOLD pants
  • Light paper turning ASMR
  • An oddly-placed intercom
  • A foil
  • A horn in the background?
  • A word puzzle
  • A “don’t run with scissors” situation
  • A “Silence of the Lambs” style conversation
  • Literal blood money
  • Trish’s sick calves


Jeff’s Smile: Ratched on Netflix

Mignonne’s Smile: Reading (books, not people)


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