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Kissing Jessica Jones

Dec 15, 2020

The dynamic duo officially reunites. Sallinger indulges his hobby. Erik hosts a family reunion. Jeri and Malcolm reap what they sow. Jessica lends a hand. Trish does the same.


Content Warning: In addition to all the other triggering content on this show, this specific episode includes suicide.


This episode contains:

  • The Kornacki Cam
  • A phone contact named “Work”
  • A resurrection of our Coronavirus PSA
  • A quick scene of capital A Acting
  • Not Malcolm McDowell
  • A brief HR seminar on total rewards
  • A pimp is a pimp is a pimp
  • Subtitle spoilers
  • Some strumming ASMR
  • A recap of Jeri’s general wrongdoing
  • A discussion of the physics of throwing oddly-shaped objects
  • A thoroughly botched tailing attempt
  • A reconciliation


Jeff’s Smile: What We Do in the Shadows (The Series) on FX/Hulu

Mignonne’s Smile: Schitt’s Creek on Netflix (specifically, Season 4)

Bonus Smile: Anderson Cooper giggling like a dork on various YouTube videos


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