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Kissing Jessica Jones

Jan 5, 2021

Whatever despicability Jeri was up to is quickly revealed. The “female vigilante” Jessica Jones is at it again. Trish demonstrates really good bad acting. Malcolm’s character trajectory changes. Zaya does not have genital warts.


This episode contains:

  • A Hey Arnold! reference
  • Spoilers for the music video of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi
  • The logistics of what is and is not a conflict of interest
  • Some left behind earrings of questionable taste
  • Some complete fiction
  • A very triggering car alarm
  • A recap of a Simpsons episode from the 90s
  • An unofficial eulogy for movie theaters
  • The cluiest clue there ever was
  • A spoilerific summary of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope
  • Regrettable choices


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