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Kissing Jessica Jones

Feb 9, 2021

Note: Jeff got a new microphone and is fine-tuning it, so his audio on this episode is a little crunchy.


Trish and Erik are up to something. Dorothy is ruthless. Jeri’s evil plan is revealed. Jessica and Malcolm briefly appear. That is all.


This episode contains:

  • A discussion of Dunkin’ (Donuts)
  • An accusation of theft
  • Spoilers for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Dark Knight
  • A good ugly cry
  • Some paper-turning noises
  • Tangent inception
  • *69
  • A religious doorman
  • A false alarm
  • Cahoots
  • Some grade A parenting
  • A foolish plan
  • A recap of a ‘90s TGIF lineup on ABC
  • A thinly-veiled threat
  • A call to the police
  • A heel turn


Jeff’s Smile: Star Wars: Dark Disciple by Christie Golden

Mignonne’s Smile: Bojack Horseman on Netflix


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